2013 Six Red World Championship Results

Last 48 Group (6th)
1Dominic Dale2412128
2Gary Wilson221488
3Mark Davis211926
4Issara Kachaiwong212014
5Cao Yupeng1523-84
6Chaouki Yousfi1025-150
Gary Wilson5 V 1Chaouki Yousfi
Dominic Dale5 V 2Cao Yupeng
Mark Davis5 V 3Issara Kachaiwong
Gary Wilson5 V 0Cao Yupeng
Dominic Dale5 V 2Mark Davis
Cao Yupeng5 V 4Issara Kachaiwong
Mark Davis5 V 3Cao Yupeng
Dominic Dale5 V 2Gary Wilson
Mark Davis5 V 3Chaouki Yousfi
Issara Kachaiwong5 V 4Dominic Dale
Cao Yupeng5 V 4Chaouki Yousfi
Gary Wilson5 V 4Issara Kachaiwong
Dominic Dale5 V 1Chaouki Yousfi
Gary Wilson5 V 4Mark Davis
Issara Kachaiwong5 V 1Chaouki Yousfi
1Andrew Higginson2591610
2Mark Selby2410148
3Noppon Saengkham161516
4Kristjan Helgason1720-32
5Adrian Ridley1324-112
6Ahmed Galal724-172
Ahmed Galal5 V 4Adrian Ridley
Mark Selby5 V 1Noppon Saengkham
Andrew Higginson5 V 3Kristjan Helgason
Andrew Higginson5 V 4Mark Selby
Noppon Saengkham5 V 0Ahmed Galal
Adrian Ridley5 V 4Kristjan Helgason
Kristjan Helgason5 V 0Ahmed Galal
Noppon Saengkham5 V 2Adrian Ridley
Andrew Higginson5 V 1Ahmed Galal
Mark Selby5 V 1Adrian Ridley
Noppon Saengkham5 V 3Kristjan Helgason
Andrew Higginson5 V 1Adrian Ridley
Mark Selby5 V 2Kristjan Helgason
Mark Selby5 V 1Ahmed Galal
Andrew Higginson5 V 0Noppon Saengkham
1Neil Robertson2581710
2Dechawat Poomjaeng221848
3Joe Perry1720-34
4Jimmy White1417-34
5Darren Morgan1623-72
6Amir Sarkhosh1422-82
Dechawat Poomjaeng5 V 1Jimmy White
Joe Perry5 V 4Amir Sarkhosh
Neil Robertson5 V 4Darren Morgan
Dechawat Poomjaeng5 V 4Darren Morgan
Jimmy White5 V 0Amir Sarkhosh
Neil Robertson5 V 1Joe Perry
Amir Sarkhosh5 V 2Darren Morgan
Dechawat Poomjaeng5 V 4Joe Perry
Neil Robertson5 V 0Jimmy White
Joe Perry5 V 1Darren Morgan
Neil Robertson5 V 2Dechawat Poomjaeng
Dechawat Poomjaeng5 V 4Amir Sarkhosh
Jimmy White5 V 2Joe Perry
Neil Robertson5 V 1Amir Sarkhosh
Darren Morgan5 V 3Jimmy White
1Robert Milkins25111410
2Judd Trump2414108
3Robert Murphy1719-24
4Laxman Rawat1518-34
5Hossein Vafaei1622-64
6Passakorn Suwanawat1225-130
Laxman Rawat5 V 1Robert Murphy
Hossein Vafaei5 V 4Passakorn Suwanawat
Robert Milkins5 V 0Laxman Rawat
Robert Murphy5 V 2Hossein Vafaei
Robert Milkins5 V 4Judd Trump
Robert Murphy5 V 2Passakorn Suwanawat
Robert Milkins5 V 3Hossein Vafaei
Judd Trump5 V 2Laxman Rawat
Judd Trump5 V 1Hossein Vafaei
Robert Milkins5 V 1Passakorn Suwanawat
Laxman Rawat5 V 2Passakorn Suwanawat
Judd Trump5 V 3Robert Murphy
Hossein Vafaei5 V 3Laxman Rawat
Robert Milkins5 V 3Robert Murphy
Judd Trump5 V 3Passakorn Suwanawat
1Mark Williams2411138
2Shaun Murphy2412128
3Robin Hull191906
4Thepchaiya Un Nooh1718-14
5Vinnie Calabrese1323-104
6Omar Alkojah1125-140
Robin Hull5 V 3Omar Alkojah
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 1Vinnie Calabrese
Mark Williams5 V 1Omar Alkojah
Vinnie Calabrese5 V 4Shaun Murphy
Vinnie Calabrese5 V 4Omar Alkojah
Mark Williams5 V 2Robin Hull
Shaun Murphy5 V 0Thepchaiya Un Nooh
Robin Hull5 V 2Vinnie Calabrese
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 2Omar Alkojah
Shaun Murphy5 V 4Mark Williams
Robin Hull5 V 4Thepchaiya Un Nooh
Mark Williams5 V 0Vinnie Calabrese
Shaun Murphy5 V 1Omar Alkojah
Mark Williams5 V 3Thepchaiya Un Nooh
Shaun Murphy5 V 2Robin Hull
1Matthew Stevens2412128
2Ken Doherty211298
3Stephen Maguire201378
4Ratchayothin Yotharuck1719-24
5Alex Borg1323-102
6Muhammad Majid Ali925-160
Matthew Stevens5 V 1Ken Doherty
Alex Borg5 V 3Muhammad Majid Ali
Stephen Maguire5 V 4Matthew Stevens
Ken Doherty5 V 4Alex Borg
Stephen Maguire5 V 4Ratchayothin Yotharuck
Ken Doherty5 V 2Ratchayothin Yotharuck
Matthew Stevens5 V 3Alex Borg
Ken Doherty5 V 1Muhammad Majid Ali
Matthew Stevens5 V 1Ratchayothin Yotharuck
Stephen Maguire5 V 0Muhammad Majid Ali
Ken Doherty5 V 0Stephen Maguire
Ratchayothin Yotharuck5 V 1Alex Borg
Matthew Stevens5 V 2Muhammad Majid Ali
Stephen Maguire5 V 0Alex Borg
Ratchayothin Yotharuck5 V 3Muhammad Majid Ali
1John Higgins2571810
2Stuart Bingham2312118
3John Whitty1422-84
4Mohammad Rais Senzahi1422-84
5Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon1722-52
6Mohammed al Joakar1523-82
John Whitty5 V 4Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
John Higgins5 V 0Mohammad Rais Senzahi
John Whitty5 V 3Mohammed al Joakar
John Higgins5 V 1Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Stuart Bingham5 V 1Mohammed al Joakar
John Higgins5 V 0John Whitty
Mohammad Rais Senzahi5 V 3Mohammed al Joakar
John Higgins5 V 3Stuart Bingham
Mohammad Rais Senzahi5 V 4John Whitty
Stuart Bingham5 V 4Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Stuart Bingham5 V 0John Whitty
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon5 V 2Mohammad Rais Senzahi
John Higgins5 V 3Mohammed al Joakar
Stuart Bingham5 V 2Mohammad Rais Senzahi
Mohammed al Joakar5 V 3Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
1Ricky Walden191456
2Andrew Pagett181626
3Steve Davis181716
4James Wattana1618-26
5Barry Hawkins1617-14
6Mohammad Asif1722-52
Steve Davis5 V 1Andrew Pagett
James Wattana5 V 4Mohammad Asif
Barry Hawkins5 V 0Ricky Walden
Ricky Walden5 V 2Mohammad Asif
James Wattana5 V 1Steve Davis
Barry Hawkins5 V 2Mohammad Asif
Steve Davis5 V 4Ricky Walden
James Wattana5 V 3Barry Hawkins
Ricky Walden5 V 2Andrew Pagett
Andrew Pagett5 V 4Mohammad Asif
Steve Davis5 V 2Barry Hawkins
Andrew Pagett5 V 1James Wattana
Mohammad Asif5 V 2Steve Davis
Ricky Walden5 V 0James Wattana
Andrew Pagett5 V 1Barry Hawkins
Last 32
John Higgins6 V 1Thepchaiya Un Nooh
Mark Davis6 V 5Dechawat Poomjaeng
Noppon Saengkham6 V 0Ken Doherty
Ricky Walden6 V 4Laxman Rawat
Mark Williams6 V 1James Wattana
Gary Wilson6 V 4Jimmy White
Mark Selby6 V 4Stephen Maguire
Robert Milkins6 V 2John Whitty
Joe Perry6 V 1Andrew Higginson
Robert Murphy6 V 3Andrew Pagett
Stuart Bingham6 V 4Robin Hull
Dominic Dale6 V 3Ratchayothin Yotharuck
Matthew Stevens6 V 2Kristjan Helgason
Shaun Murphy6 V 5Matthew Stevens
Judd Trump6 V 4Steve Davis
Neil Robertson6 V 5Issara Kachaiwong
Last 16
Mark Davis6 V 0John Higgins
Noppon Saengkham6 V 3Ricky Walden
Mark Williams6 V 4Gary Wilson
Mark Selby6 V 4Robert Milkins
Joe Perry6 V 1Robert Murphy
Stuart Bingham6 V 4Dominic Dale
Shaun Murphy6 V 0Matthew Stevens
Neil Robertson6 V 5Judd Trump
Quarter Final
Mark Davis6 V 4Noppon Saengkham
Mark Selby6 V 4Mark Williams
Stuart Bingham6 V 5Joe Perry
Neil Robertson6 V 3Shaun Murphy
Semi Final
Mark Davis7 V 4Mark Selby
Neil Robertson7 V 4Stuart Bingham
Mark Davis8 V 4Neil Robertson
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