2015 Six Red World Championship Results

Last 48 Group (6th)
1Pankaj Advani228148
2Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon2313108
3Liang Wenbo211298
4Stephen Maguire1420-64
5Alan Trigg1224-122
6Hassan Kerde1025-150
Pankaj Advani5 V 2Stephen Maguire
Liang Wenbo5 V 2Hassan Kerde
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon5 V 3Alan Trigg
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon5 V 1Stephen Maguire
Liang Wenbo5 V 1Alan Trigg
Pankaj Advani5 V 0Hassan Kerde
Stephen Maguire5 V 3Alan Trigg
Pankaj Advani5 V 1Liang Wenbo
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon5 V 2Hassan Kerde
Stephen Maguire5 V 2Hassan Kerde
Pankaj Advani5 V 0Alan Trigg
Liang Wenbo5 V 3Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Liang Wenbo5 V 1Stephen Maguire
Alan Trigg5 V 4Hassan Kerde
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon5 V 2Pankaj Advani
1Anthony McGill25141110
2Matt Selt221398
3Muhammad Sajjad222026
4Boonyarit Keattikun1721-42
5John Higgins1623-72
6Yuan Sijun1324-112
Yuan Sijun5 V 4John Higgins
Matt Selt5 V 3Muhammad Sajjad
Anthony McGill5 V 4Boonyarit Keattikun
John Higgins5 V 3Boonyarit Keattikun
Anthony McGill5 V 2Matt Selt
Muhammad Sajjad5 V 4Yuan Sijun
Muhammad Sajjad5 V 3John Higgins
Anthony McGill5 V 1Yuan Sijun
Matt Selt5 V 2Boonyarit Keattikun
Muhammad Sajjad5 V 3Boonyarit Keattikun
Matt Selt5 V 2Yuan Sijun
Anthony McGill5 V 3John Higgins
Matt Selt5 V 1John Higgins
Anthony McGill5 V 4Muhammad Sajjad
Boonyarit Keattikun5 V 1Yuan Sijun
1Judd Trump2552010
2Kristjan Helgason211658
3Mohammad Asif191814
4Michael White1719-24
5Noppadon Noppachorn1720-34
6Ahmed Galal425-210
Judd Trump5 V 0Ahmed Galal
Michael White5 V 3Mohammad Asif
Kristjan Helgason5 V 3Noppadon Noppachorn
Noppadon Noppachorn5 V 4Michael White
Judd Trump5 V 1Noppadon Noppachorn
Kristjan Helgason5 V 2Michael White
Mohammad Asif5 V 0Ahmed Galal
Judd Trump5 V 1Michael White
Kristjan Helgason5 V 4Mohammad Asif
Noppadon Noppachorn5 V 1Ahmed Galal
Judd Trump5 V 1Kristjan Helgason
Michael White5 V 1Ahmed Galal
Mohammad Asif5 V 3Noppadon Noppachorn
Judd Trump5 V 2Mohammad Asif
Kristjan Helgason5 V 2Ahmed Galal
1Michael Holt231588
2Graeme Dott201286
3Ding Junhui221576
4Phonbun Phaitoon1516-14
5Ben Judge1122-114
6Heydari Nezhad Ehsan1223-112
Ding Junhui5 V 1Phonbun Phaitoon
Michael Holt5 V 1Graeme Dott
Ben Judge5 V 4Heydari Nezhad Ehsan
Graeme Dott5 V 0Ben Judge
Michael Holt5 V 3Phonbun Phaitoon
Ding Junhui5 V 0Ben Judge
Michael Holt5 V 2Heydari Nezhad Ehsan
Graeme Dott5 V 1Phonbun Phaitoon
Heydari Nezhad Ehsan5 V 3Ding Junhui
Michael Holt5 V 4Ding Junhui
Graeme Dott5 V 1Heydari Nezhad Ehsan
Phonbun Phaitoon5 V 1Ben Judge
Ding Junhui5 V 4Graeme Dott
Ben Judge5 V 3Michael Holt
Phonbun Phaitoon5 V 0Heydari Nezhad Ehsan
1Mark Davis2591610
2Noppon Saengkham211836
3Stuart Bingham191636
4Yan Bingtao201826
5Soheil Vahedi1322-92
6Craig MacGillivray1025-150
Noppon Saengkham5 V 2Soheil Vahedi
Stuart Bingham5 V 0Soheil Vahedi
Mark Davis5 V 2Yan Bingtao
Noppon Saengkham5 V 3Craig MacGillivray
Stuart Bingham5 V 3Yan Bingtao
Soheil Vahedi5 V 2Craig MacGillivray
Mark Davis5 V 3Noppon Saengkham
Noppon Saengkham5 V 3Stuart Bingham
Mark Davis5 V 1Craig MacGillivray
Yan Bingtao5 V 4Soheil Vahedi
Mark Davis5 V 1Stuart Bingham
Yan Bingtao5 V 1Craig MacGillivray
Stuart Bingham5 V 3Craig MacGillivray
Mark Davis5 V 2Soheil Vahedi
Yan Bingtao5 V 3Noppon Saengkham
1Robert Milkins208128
2Joe Perry211656
3Asjad Iqbal1719-26
4James Wattana1718-14
5Matthew Stevens1518-34
6Chuan Leong Thor1122-112
Joe Perry5 V 2Chuan Leong Thor
Robert Milkins5 V 1Asjad Iqbal
James Wattana5 V 2Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens5 V 2Joe Perry
Asjad Iqbal5 V 2James Wattana
Joe Perry5 V 0Robert Milkins
Matthew Stevens5 V 1Asjad Iqbal
James Wattana5 V 1Chuan Leong Thor
Joe Perry5 V 4James Wattana
Robert Milkins5 V 1Matthew Stevens
Asjad Iqbal5 V 3Chuan Leong Thor
Robert Milkins5 V 0Chuan Leong Thor
Chuan Leong Thor5 V 2Matthew Stevens
Asjad Iqbal5 V 4Joe Perry
Robert Milkins5 V 1James Wattana
1Mark Williams221488
2Thepchaiya Un Nooh241868
3Jamie Rhys Clarke191456
4Marco Fu201736
5Peter Francisco1421-72
6Darren Paris1025-150
Jamie Rhys Clarke5 V 1Darren Paris
Marco Fu5 V 1Peter Francisco
Jamie Rhys Clarke5 V 2Mark Williams
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 3Darren Paris
Marco Fu5 V 2Jamie Rhys Clarke
Peter Francisco5 V 1Darren Paris
Mark Williams5 V 4Thepchaiya Un Nooh
Marco Fu5 V 4Darren Paris
Mark Williams5 V 3Peter Francisco
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 2Jamie Rhys Clarke
Mark Williams5 V 1Marco Fu
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 4Peter Francisco
Thepchaiya Un Nooh5 V 4Marco Fu
Mark Williams5 V 1Darren Paris
Jamie Rhys Clarke5 V 1Peter Francisco
1Mark Selby249158
2Ryan Day2311128
3Ken Doherty181716
4Joe Swail1417-34
5Akani Songsermsawad1217-54
6Wael Talaat525-200
Mark Selby5 V 1Joe Swail
Ryan Day5 V 0Wael Talaat
Ken Doherty5 V 1Akani Songsermsawad
Mark Selby5 V 2Ken Doherty
Ryan Day5 V 1Joe Swail
Akani Songsermsawad5 V 0Wael Talaat
Ryan Day5 V 1Akani Songsermsawad
Joe Swail5 V 1Ken Doherty
Mark Selby5 V 1Wael Talaat
Mark Selby5 V 0Akani Songsermsawad
Ken Doherty5 V 3Ryan Day
Joe Swail5 V 1Wael Talaat
Ryan Day5 V 4Mark Selby
Ken Doherty5 V 3Wael Talaat
Akani Songsermsawad5 V 2Joe Swail
Last 32
Michael White6 V 2Pankaj Advani
Noppon Saengkham6 V 5Jamie Rhys Clarke
Joe Perry6 V 1Ken Doherty
Anthony McGill6 V 4Phonbun Phaitoon
Judd Trump6 V 4Stephen Maguire
Thepchaiya Un Nooh6 V 3Stuart Bingham
Ryan Day6 V 3Asjad Iqbal
Boonyarit Keattikun6 V 3Michael Holt
Marco Fu6 V 4Mark Davis
Mohammad Asif6 V 2Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Matt Selt6 V 2Ding Junhui
Robert Milkins6 V 5Joe Swail
Yan Bingtao6 V 4Mark Williams
Liang Wenbo6 V 1Kristjan Helgason
Muhammad Sajjad6 V 3Graeme Dott
Mark Selby6 V 0James Wattana
Last 16
Noppon Saengkham6 V 5Michael White
Joe Perry6 V 1Anthony McGill
Thepchaiya Un Nooh6 V 3Judd Trump
Boonyarit Keattikun6 V 4Ryan Day
Marco Fu6 V 2Mohammad Asif
Matt Selt6 V 2Robert Milkins
Liang Wenbo6 V 4Yan Bingtao
Mark Selby6 V 2Muhammad Sajjad
Quarter Final
Noppon Saengkham7 V 5Joe Perry
Thepchaiya Un Nooh7 V 1Boonyarit Keattikun
Matt Selt7 V 3Marco Fu
Liang Wenbo7 V 4Mark Selby
Semi Final
Thepchaiya Un Nooh7 V 3Noppon Saengkham
Liang Wenbo7 V 4Matt Selt
Thepchaiya Un Nooh8 V 2Liang Wenbo
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