1989 International Open Results

Last 128
Tony Kearney5 V 3Marcel Gauvreau
Terry Whitthread5 V 3Paul Medati
Francois Ellis5 V 2Eddie Sinclair
Malcolm Bradley5 V 1Geoff Foulds
Ian Brumby5 V 4Ken Owers
Bill Oliver5 V 1Gino Rigitano
Robbie Grace5 V 4Eric Lawlor
Bob Harris5 V 3Mike Watterson
Billy Kelly5 V 3Mario Morra
Nick Terry5 V 1Jim Meadowcroft
Jon Wright5 V 3Paul Thornley
Pat Houlihan5 V 4Jackie Rea
Martin Smith5 V 0Dennis Hughes
Ian Williamson5 V 1Dessie Sheehan
Jason Smith5 V 4Jim Donnelly
Andrew Cairns5 V 4Robby Foldvari
Stephen Meakin5 V 3Mark Wildman
Anthony Harris5 V 4Matt Gibson
Mark Rowing5 V 0John Dunning
Steve Campbell5 V 4John Rea
Duncan Campbell5 V 1Paul Gibson
Mike Darrington5 V 2Vic Harris
Robert Marshall5 V 3Paul Watchorn
Nigel BondBeatJim Bear
James Wattana5 V 2Craig Edwards
Brady Gollan5 V 2Tony Wilson
Fred Davis5 V 4Jimmy van Rensberg
Nick Dyson5 V 1Glen Wilkinson
Stephen Murphy5 V 4Mick Price
Brian Morgan5 V 0Graham Miles
Jack Fitzmaurice5 V 4Brian Rowswell
Barry Pinches5 V 4George Scott
Last 96
Mick Fisher5 V 4Mark Rowing
John Campbell5 V 3Jack Fitzmaurice
Les Dodd5 V 3Anthony Harris
Jim Wych5 V 4Stephen Murphy
Mark Johnston-Allen5 V 0Robbie Grace
Nick Dyson5 V 3Jim Chambers
Ian Graham5 V 0Barry Pinches
Murdo MacLeod5 V 4Stephen Meakin
Warren King5 V 0Billy Kelly
Brian Morgan5 V 4Danny Fowler
Steve Duggan5 V 1Fred Davis
Brady Gollan5 V 0Steve Longworth
James Wattana5 V 3Tony Chappel
Nigel Bond5 V 0Paddy Browne
Alain Robidoux5 V 2Malcolm Bradley
Robert Marshall5 V 4Colin Roscoe
Roger Bales5 V 3Steve Campbell
Ian Williamson5 V 3Graham Cripsey
Martin Smith5 V 3Dave Martin
Pat Houlihan5 V 2Ray Edmonds
Mark Bennett5 V 4Nick Terry
Jon Wright5 V 1Dave Gilbert
Tony Jones5 V 1Bill Oliver
Joe O Boye5 V 3Mike Darrington
Darren Morgan5 V 0Terry Whitthread
Bob Harris5 V 4Gary Wilkinson
Tommy Murphy5 V 4Francois Ellis
Jack McLaughlin5 V 0Duncan Campbell
Jason Smith5 V 2Nigel Gilbert
Ian Brumby5 V 1John Spencer
Tony Kearney5 V 4Kirk Stevens
Andrew Cairns5 V 4David Taylor
Last 64
Steve Newbury5 V 2Steve Duggan
Barry WestBeatJim Wych
Steve James5 V 3Jack McLaughlin
Mark Bennett5 V 2Tony Meo
Martin Smith5 V 4Rex Williams
Roger Bales5 V 4David Roe
Andrew Cairns5 V 2Dene O Kane
Robert Marshall5 V 3Dean Reynolds
Alain Robidoux5 V 4Doug Mountjoy
James Wattana5 V 0Peter Francisco
Bob Chaperon5 V 4Ian Williamson
Neal Foulds5 V 0Joe O Boye
Wayne Jones5 V 2Pat Houlihan
Tony Jones5 V 0John Virgo
Martin Clark5 V 4Warren King
Brian Morgan5 V 2Joe Johnson
Mark Johnston-Allen5 V 1Alex Higgins
Silvino Francisco5 V 4John Campbell
Mike Hallett5 V 4Les Dodd
Willie Thorne5 V 2Tommy Murphy
Dennis Taylor5 V 1Nick Dyson
Eddie Charlton5 V 4Ian Brumby
Cliff Wilson5 V 2Jon Wright
Tony Knowles5 V 1Bob Harris
Nigel Bond5 V 4Cliff Thorburn
Eugene Hughes5 V 4Darren Morgan
Steve Davis5 V 1Tony Kearney
Jimmy White5 V 3Jason Smith
Stephen Hendry5 V 0Ian Graham
John Parrott5 V 2Mick Fisher
Tony Drago5 V 4Murdo MacLeod
Terry Griffiths5 V 4Brady Gollan
Last 32
John Parrott5 V 3Tony Drago
Stephen Hendry5 V 3James Wattana
Jimmy White5 V 3Bob Chaperon
Steve Davis5 V 2Wayne Jones
Cliff Wilson5 V 4Mike Hallett
Dennis Taylor5 V 4Martin Clark
Willie Thorne5 V 2Barry West
Tony Knowles5 V 2Andrew Cairns
Nigel Bond5 V 3Silvino Francisco
Brian Morgan5 V 3Eugene Hughes
Neal Foulds5 V 2Mark Bennett
Alain Robidoux5 V 1Roger Bales
Robert Marshall5 V 2Eddie Charlton
Tony Jones5 V 2Mark Johnston-Allen
Steve James5 V 3Martin Smith
Steve Newbury5 V 2Terry Griffiths
Last 16
Alain Robidoux5 V 2Steve Newbury
Nigel Bond5 V 0Steve James
Brian Morgan5 V 4Dennis Taylor
Cliff Wilson5 V 3Robert Marshall
Steve Davis5 V 3Neal Foulds
Stephen Hendry5 V 4Tony Jones
Jimmy White5 V 1Willie Thorne
John Parrott5 V 2Tony Knowles
Quarter Final
Stephen Hendry5 V 2Cliff Wilson
Steve Davis5 V 2Brian Morgan
Nigel Bond5 V 2John Parrott
Alain Robidoux5 V 4Jimmy White
Semi Final
Steve Davis6 V 3Alain Robidoux
Stephen Hendry6 V 5Nigel Bond
Steve Davis9 V 4Stephen Hendry
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